Last night, various forms of the traffic light walking man were stationed prominently around the Fullerton Museum Center directing people to Fullerton Art Walk‘s 2nd Anniversary celebration in the Plaza. While the central hub was an unconventional take on the Art Walk, many organizations (The Muckenthaler Cultural Center, Stages Theatre, Pastel Art Studio and many others) whose locations are off the established trail, had the wonderful opportunity to partake in and support the ever strengthening art movement. The all ages, family-oriented event underscored the dogma that art, in all its malleable forms,  not be exclusive to the seemingly erudite, but that it should be made accessible to everyone.

Although most of the partying was occurring at the Plaza, several art venues had exhibits which could not be accommodated outdoors. Amongst those were Sevenly who were fostering their mission of championing global causes, and Violethour who were hosting an intimate night of jazz and a jam session.

Based on its overwhelming success, already there have been discussions of continuing with the hybrid Art Walk going forward. Stay tuned for further developments.

Here are a few words from Fullerton Art Walk’s founding father, Jesse La Tour:

“Thanks to everyone who came out to the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk two-year anniversary event at the Fullerton Museum Plaza last night! It was a great community effort and represented a lot amazing cultural happenings in Fullerton. Bridges are being built (not literal bridges, but, you know what I mean…)…Thanks again to everyone who made this event possible!”


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