This Friday, March 1, for the Fullerton Art Walk 3-Year Anniversary, Fullerton Foundry will be presenting award-winning filmmaker and independent photojournalist Alan De Herrera. This Fullerton native, born and raised, has always been fascinated with the technical and artistic process of creating powerful images. His vast array of work over the years is quite impressive.

As a filmmaker, De Herrera has written, photographed, and produced three documentaries on the urgent plight of sea lions. His first film “Sea Lions,” narrated by Hollywood actor Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings), won two film festival awards in 2005 and is currently in national DVD distribution.  In 2009, he directed and photographed a 40-minute documentary about the eight Channel Islands off southern California. In 2011, De Herrera also directed, edited and shot a feature-length theatrical documentary titled “Seal Island, which was narrated by legendary actor Edward James Olmos.


Just a few years ago, De Herrera earned the privilege to work along side of the US Marines and US Navy on two humanitarian missions to Haiti just after their devastating earthquake in January of 2010. Later that year, he took a third trip back to Haiti to independently cover the devastating cholera epidemic in the rural northern plateau.

I have always been fascinated with nature, travel and humanitarian projects. Anywhere I can use my skills as a photographer and filmmaker to protect the environment and/or bring more awareness to hardship and suffering, I’m there. Photographs and documentaries are powerful tools for getting important information out to the masses.

In addition to film projects, De Herrera has been photographing the desert environments of Death Valley, Joshua Tree and Anza Borrego for an upcoming book. He is also a commercial food photographer world-wide and a published cookbook and editorial photographer. He is independently producing a travel cookbook on post-earthquake Haiti, which will be published later this year. Recently, he just completed two cookbook projects in Ecuador.

When he’s not shooting internationally, De Herrera’s lens is trained on some of the best restaurants here in Fullerton and all around Orange County. Come out and meet him in person.


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