As part of the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk 3-Year Anniversary event, local artist René Cardona unveiled five new panels destined for Amerige Alcoves. The massive oil paintings set in the center of the Fullerton Museum Center Plaza dwarfed most of the art on display — both physically and figuratively — and set Cardona apart as the creative enigma for which he is most loved.

One of the most prolific and talented artists to emerge from Fullerton, his works date back to the glory days of The Winged Heart and The Hub cafes a good 15 years ago. Incidentally, his main studio at the time was ensconced within the enclaves of what is now the Magoski Arts Colony. Having relocated to San Francisco for a change of scenery, he re-emerged just as our town’s own art scene was undergoing a rebirth.

This morning, Cardona went about the business of dismantling his previous pentych and erecting his new series entitled “Melody of Space: The Memory of Color” which is inspired by the nature within. Amerige Alcoves is a 5-panel art installation on the exterior of the Parker Building located on the northwest corner of Harbor Boulevard and Amerige Avenue. It is unique to the city as the only public art display that changes regularly. Unlike the other Fullerton Art Walk venues, it is viewable by everyone at any given time.

While Cardona has been the main artist on exhibit, other artists or artist collectives are being sought out to  showcase their own works in the next few months. For more information contact René Cardona at



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