The Egan Gallery is proud to present a retrospective look at the development of artist William Zdan, a prolific and darkly vehement and local painter who often addresses injustices to the environment and insults to the human condition.  From his beginning as a working class punk rock kid in Detroit, to one of the mainstays in underground LA and OC art, this artist utilizes classic techniques and pairs them with a contemporary and alternative point of view on the world to create spell-binding artworks that haunt your senses and engage your dark and uncensored imagination.

“Knackers Yard” is an exhibition that peers into the evolution of Zdan’s artwork over the years, with special attention paid to his recent exploration through The Humors. The Humors (the preponderance of body fluids, respective organs, earth elements and corresponding human temperaments) are found in each of the paintings, along with bloodletting tools, leeches and other (now debunked and marginalized) medical conventions (like phrenology).

About the artist: Raised in the manufacturing community of Detroit, Zdan often depicts modern industry and its affect on contemporary culture. Stylistically, he clashes those themes against classical techniques and introduces historical and religious iconography, creating new context and meaning in his juxtaposing images and ideas. His paintings have within them multiple realities, many interpretations and a unique world all stemming from Zdan’s intense and creative mind. Zdan has showed his work at numerous galleries in LA, OC and across the country, his most recent exhibit being with La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Hollywood, CA. Zdan has participated in several Art With An Agenda social justice inspired exhibitions, where he created unapologetic and critical works addressing pertinent issues with strength and fervor.

WHAT: “Knackers Yard: Artwork by William Zdan”

WHEN: Opening Reception is Friday, October 3, 2014, 7PM-10PM [as a part of the FULLERTON ART WALK]

WHERE: The Egan Gallery 223 West Santa Fe Ave. Fullerton, CA 92832 [Located within the Magoski Arts Colony]

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