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September 2021
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Matador Cantina's $12 Sunset Dinner

Matador Cantina’s $12 Sunset Dinner

When I first read¬†about Matador Cantina launching a 3-course Sunset Dinner for only $12, I had to do a double — no, triple take. Then when I went to look for the email again, it was nowhere to be found.¬†Did I dream it? After confirming with PR & Marketing lead Rob Hallstrom that I wasn’t...
Firkfest: Caskaway Tiki Beer Fest

Firkfest: Caskaway Tiki Beer Fest

Even though Firkfest happens in March, they really should have it on April 28th, the Day of the Nagel. It's Greg's beer-mustached mug that looms large over the entire affair, grinning Chesire Cat-like with a nonic-shaped glint in his eye.     read more...
Firkfest Caskaway Beer Festival 3.11.17

Firkfest Caskaway Beer Festival 3.11.17

Dust off your floral shirts, coconut bras, and pretzel leis, the 4th Annual Firkfest Beer Festival celebrates Tiki culture this year -- boasting the first of its kind in the world!
Fins Poke Fusion Revolutionizes Drive-Thru

Fins Poke Fusion Revolutionizes Drive-Thru

The newest and brightest entry into the poke foray is Fins Poke Fusion, located where the grimy Roadside Burgers used to languish, and is making Orange County proud as a trailblazer in Southern California's restaurant industry. read more...
Matador Cantina's Fortaleza Tequila Dinner

Matador Cantina’s Fortaleza Tequila Dinner

Chef Dave Dennis had just returned from a visit to Jalisco, Mexico, the locale where tequila was born. Recently, we were treated to one of his pairing dinners with Fortaleza Tequila inspired by his trip.    : read more...
Destination Brea >> Macallans' "Taste of the Season"

Destination Brea >> Macallans’ “Taste of the Season”

Finally, a whiskey bar devoid of the ubiquitous festoon of trophy stag, moose, and/or jackalope; antler motifs; and other woodsman-y paraphernalia.     read more...
Grits + The Bruery Pairing Dinner

Grits + The Bruery Pairing Dinner

It's basically a bad case of FOMO when not being able to attend any of Chef Cody Storts' special events. Time and again they've been uproarious, unconventional, and spiced with surprises.     read more...
Destination Brea  >> Macallans Public House

Destination Brea >> Macallans Public House

To celebrate National Scotch Day there was only one destination that came to mind: Macallans Public House in Brea. Because, let's face it, with a name like Macallans they've got to be showcasing some stellar Scotch.     read more...
Destination Irvine >> TAPS Irvine Brunch Buffet

Destination Irvine >> TAPS Irvine Brunch Buffet

Brea, Corona, and now Irvine. What do these three locales have in common? Plagued with dreary dining options, all three have received some semblance of salvation with the foothold of TAPS Fishhouse & Brewery.     read more...
Destination Brea >> Lillie's Q

Destination Brea >> Lillie’s Q

While the addition of Lillie's Q certainly helps to fill the void of an upscale dining experience and the wanting cocktail scene, ultimately, what will have you coming back for more is damn good barbecue and the impeccable Southern-style service served up with a smile.     read more...
Destination Anaheim >> Greg Nagel's Firkfest

Destination Anaheim >> Greg Nagel’s Firkfest

Downtown Anaheim's Farmers Park was recently transformed into Greg Nagel's field of dreams to a sold out crowd of 500 enjoying 50 varieties of cask-conditioned ales from the best local micro-breweries.     read more...
Tustin >> Encore Dinner Theater

Tustin >> Encore Dinner Theater

In the vein of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, where two enjoyable things collide together, nothing has been as momentous as dinner and theater. Quality performances presented by seasoned actors alongside a gourmet meal by an award-winning chef is the foundation of the Encore experience.     read more...