From a tiny seed sprouts new life. Through proper nourishment and love’s bounty, the sprout branches out cautious, yet confident into the world. With roots grounded firmly into Mother Earth, its tendrils reach high for all that the heavens have to shower upon it. Before long, the once insignificant seed blooms into the most wondrous and unique being that the world will ever behold.

This is the poem humming within a woman’s womb as she prepares for the miracle of childbirth. Belly Sprout is a natural living store that enhances this life-changing event and promotes a symbiotic relationship with the planet that we live in and share. More than that, it also serves as a center for mothers and mothers-to-be in providing them with resources, workshops and events.

Born from necessity, Belly Sprout was the first store of its kind in Orange County.  At its core, Belly Sprout is a celebration of motherhood in its most profound beauty and in its most natural form. It brings together mothers who are searching for the best for themselves and for their children.

When proprietor Christy Funk was going through her first pregnancy  with her son, Mayu, she could not find a local retailer that carried the products that she needed. She wanted cloth diapers and baby wear, plus natural products for use in the bath as well as for play. Most of these things were available online, but ordering exactly what she wanted was hit and miss.

Aside from running the ins and out of Belly Sprout, Christy is now the proud mother of two (Mayu and Rumi). We caught up with this busy lady during a session of Baby & Me Yoga.


1. How was Belly Sprout conceived?

I was a client at The Birth Connection and kept telling the midwives that they needed to carry other items in their consignment shop. They finally leased the space out to me so I could open up Belly Sprout.

2. Did you imagine that Belly Sprout would take off running like it did?

Not a chance! When I was pregnant with my first son I had to buy everything online and I kept telling my friends how great it would be to have a store so moms could connect and shop for eco-family products.

3. Aside from being a store, Belly Sprout seems to be more about promoting a way of life.

We are first and foremost a community hub for natural living. We promote and educate families on how they can be more mindful of their choices and how they can benefit from healthful decisions beginning with birth. The products in the store compliment this lifestyle but are not the main focus.

4. Your store calendar is bursting with events and workshops.

The Red Tent – We re-create a Red Tent so that women can gather underneath in a nurturing environment to share their birth stories to rejoice or heal. It is a powerful event.

Baby and Me Yoga – This class allows women to get back into their bodies post partum while bonding with their little ones. The babies benefit from infant massage while the moms gently exercise and bond with other women.

 Mommy Mingles – This is a way for moms to enjoy a night out in a festive and loving environment. We offer speakers, services and event Arts and Wines so that busy moms can indulge and release any stress they may have.

Mommy To Be Tea – This event is for Moms-to-Be to have a way of connecting with other pregnant mothers while gathering inspiration and resources for their new journeys towards motherhood!

Thank you, Christy!

Belly Sprout turned 5 years old just last week. On Saturday, October 8 they will be hosting a Cloth Diaper Expo, a one of a kind event taking place from 10:30am-1:30pm.

October 8th Cloth Diaper Expo (Sat, 10:30-1:30p.m. $25 Pre-Pay)

Do you want to learn the inside scoop on everything cloth? The best brands, types and how to use them?

Orange County’s first-ever expo on everything cloth! This event is for anyone interested in cloth and for those already using cloth. The day will be filled with education and discussion, unique break-out sessions, goody bags, vendors, lunch and complimentary childcare.

*2 D.I.Y. clinics to save you time and money
*Interactive forum to share and ask questions
*Sneak preview on new cloth diapers
*Raffles and goody bags
*Food and Refreshments

Register and pay online using your paypal account. Seating is limited!

For more info on the Cloth Diaper Expo, to learn more about Belly Sprout and to see their updated October calendar, visit

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