Beginning February 1, 2013 Cream Gallery will be curating quarterly exhibits at Fullerton Public Library as part of the Fullerton Art Walk. The inaugural offering showcases some the works of world-renowned artist Brian Dettmer. Brian Dettmer: Elemental Selections features eight sculpted books and a full exhibition catalog. The Brian Dettmer: Elemental Selections catalog will be available for purchase in the Fullerton Public Library bookstore.

Dettmer is known for his innovative sculptures with antiquated media —such as old books, maps, record albums, and cassette tapes—to create new, transformed works of visual fine art with surgical precision and detail. His work has been exhibited internationally in several galleries, museums and art centers and can be found in several public and private collections throughout the U.S, Latin America, Europe, Australia and Asia. He has gained International acclaim through internet bloggers and traditional media.

Being such huge fans of Dettmer’s contributions to the art world, we were more than ecstatic to get a preview of the exhibit before it  opens to the public.

Explanation of Process

In this work I begin with an existing book and seal its edges, creating an enclosed vessel full of unearthed potential. I cut into the surface of the book and dissect through it from the front. I work with knives, tweezers and surgical tools to carve one page at a time, exposing each layer while cutting around ideas and images of interest. Nothing inside the books is relocated or implanted, only removed. Images and ideas are revealed to expose alternate histories and memories. My work is a collaboration with the existing material and its past creators and the completed pieces expose new relationships of the book’s internal elements exactly where they have been since their original conception.

Brian Dettmer – Remixed Media from Alfredo Aponte on Vimeo.

The Cream Gallery is a Fullerton based outfit that organizes and manages public and private art  and artifact collections. Headed by Juliet Rosati Bello, Cream Gallery provides museum quality care for your fine art collection with the benefit of being able to go to auction or perform liquidations at any time.

Photography: Josué Rivas of Josué R. Fotography


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