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September 2021
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Matador Cantina's Fortaleza Tequila Dinner

Matador Cantina’s Fortaleza Tequila Dinner

Chef Dave Dennis had just returned from a visit to Jalisco, Mexico, the locale where tequila was born. Recently, we were treated to one of his pairing dinners with Fortaleza Tequila inspired by his trip.    : read more...
Fullerton Arboretum's "Brews & Blues in the Garden" 8.20.16

Fullerton Arboretum’s “Brews & Blues in the Garden” 8.20.16

The Fullerton Arboretum is proud to announce their 5th annual "Brews & Blues in the Garden" fundraising event on Saturday, August 20, 2016 from 5:30-9pm.     read more...
Destination Brea >> Macallans' "Taste of the Season"

Destination Brea >> Macallans’ “Taste of the Season”

Finally, a whiskey bar devoid of the ubiquitous festoon of trophy stag, moose, and/or jackalope; antler motifs; and other woodsman-y paraphernalia.     read more...
Grits + The Bruery Pairing Dinner

Grits + The Bruery Pairing Dinner

It's basically a bad case of FOMO when not being able to attend any of Chef Cody Storts' special events. Time and again they've been uproarious, unconventional, and spiced with surprises.     read more...
Destination Brea >> Lillie's Q Sunday Brunch

Destination Brea >> Lillie’s Q Sunday Brunch

If you're looking for some really delicious endless eats, Lillie's Q in Brea with their Sunday Brunch is just right. At $24.99 for adults and $9.99 for children 3-10 years old, you'll want to go again and again.     read more...
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Salon Pt. 1

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Salon Pt. 1

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Salon in Fullerton is owned by none other than the show-stopping Lit front man, A.Jay Popoff where they pamper all of their guests. They are very rock n’ roll, yet also aren’t out of control either.     read more...
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Salon Pt. 2

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Salon Pt. 2

Q & A with A. Jay Popoff Q: First of all, I am a huge fan. I remember watching your music videos and listening to your songs on repeat. Can you describe the unique style lyrically and stylistically that Lit has? A.Jay Popoff: We never really fit in with any format. We are four guys...
Destination Newport Beach >> Gelato Paradiso

Destination Newport Beach >> Gelato Paradiso

To this day, I have not stumbled upon another gelato place that has even come close to the one in The Eternal City. That is until I took a trip to Gelato Paradiso in Newport Beach. &nsbp;   read more...
Destination Anaheim >> Fest of Ales 2015

Destination Anaheim >> Fest of Ales 2015

This is the most wonderful time of the year. It is the dawn of Oktoberfest, the rise of the finest craft brews, and peak-season for all those of age to enjoy the camaraderie involved with the many local beer festivals.     read more...
Destination Brea  >> Macallans Public House

Destination Brea >> Macallans Public House

To celebrate National Scotch Day there was only one destination that came to mind: Macallans Public House in Brea. Because, let's face it, with a name like Macallans they've got to be showcasing some stellar Scotch.     read more...
Destination Costa Mesa >> AnQi's Fashionably Early Wednesdays

Destination Costa Mesa >> AnQi’s Fashionably Early Wednesdays

Orange County's hottest club is: Fashionably Early Wednesdays at AnQi by Crustacean. Sister to their killer beats Fashionably Late Fridays, it answers the question, “Can I get home by Cinderella time?”     read more...
Muckenthaler Motor Car Festival 2015

Muckenthaler Motor Car Festival 2015

Celebrating its 21st year, the Muckenthaler Motor Car Festival will be hosting an elite collection of the finest automotive exhibits for both Hot Rods & Customs and Concourse d’Elegance. Just once a year. You should be here. Mark your calendar. Bring your friends and family.     read more...