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October 2021
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NO EP Release Party 11.11.11

NO EP Release Party 11.11.11

In the last year, Fullerton expat Sean Daniel Stentz formed the band NO with Bradley Hanan Carter, Joe Sumner, Reese Richardson and Mike Walker. Their debut show at The Satellite was such a notable success that their EP Release Party was swarmed with new fans.     read more...
The Thomas Keller Cult

The Thomas Keller Cult

Thomas Keller, celebrated California locavore, is one of the greatest chefs in the world. Ruth Reichl in The New York Times calls him "a wizard, a purist, a man obsessed with getting it right". KCET recently aired a documentary gaining insight into Keller's culinary world and cult status.     read more...
Photos from Bobby Soul's 35th Birthday Bash

Photos from Bobby Soul’s 35th Birthday Bash

The Bold and the Beautiful, the Young and the Restless came out to Commonwealth Lounge to fête Fullerton's favorite soul man, Robert Mc Lachlan, aka DJ Bobby Soul. Chef Jordan Evangelho provided a festive spread and special guests included Peanut Butter Wolf, Deejay Lito, Billy Goods, Jesse Chairez, and the one they call Hansoul.     view...
Photos from Victor Villaseñor's Speaking Event 9.18.11

Photos from Victor Villaseñor’s Speaking Event 9.18.11

Victor Villaseñor's speaking engagement at the Main Library on September 18 was received by a Standing Room Only crowd. Fullerton's diverse community spilled out into the hall of the newly added Conference Center to hear the muy simpatico Villaseñor's thought-provoking and inspirational stories.     see photos...
Photos of the Fullerton Main Library (Newly Renovated)

Photos of the Fullerton Main Library (Newly Renovated)

The Fullerton Main Library was recently renovated and it looks great. Major additions include an annex which houses the new Conference Center and soon to be Cafe, plus a solar panel structure that provides shade for cars and saves the library from $10,000 to $15,000 annually.     see photos...
Jesse La Tour: The Man Who

Jesse La Tour: The Man Who

While Jesse La Tour is not anyone's concept of an overnight success story, he is a man known for making a resolute and noble effort to better Fullerton, The Town We Live In. Today, we celebrate his birthday and all that he has and continues to do for Fullerton.     read more...
Ryan and Corky's Balcony Garden

Ryan and Corky’s Balcony Garden

We are the typical story of a couple who moved in together and tried to best integrate each other's pieces with the other. Our balcony style is a pastiche of eastern and western influences punctuated by our inexplicable collection of Buddhas.     read more...
Fullerton Library to Utilize Solar Energy

Fullerton Library to Utilize Solar Energy

As part of the Fullerton Public Library's $10 million expansion project, the facility is installing solar panels. The implementation of this system is expected to save the library between $10,000 and $15,000 annually.     read more...