Charlie Pecoraro is an actor, producer and a drummer currently living in Burbank. At least that’s the 81 character Twitter feed condensed version. However, according to his website bio at, he possesses quite a bit more substance than that:

A professional hobbyist; performing suits his insatiable need to research new obsessions, travel, collaborate with other passionate artists & businessmen, sharing the experience of life.

Born into a family of Sicilian artists, actors, cooks, dancers & musicians, his love & appreciation of artistic expression was nurtured from an early age. A man of many curiosities, he dabbles in jazz drumming, chocolate, yoga, smoking, interior decorating & writing about food & film.

Loves God, mankind & every way in which he can experience them & share it with others.

Born at St. Jude’s Hospital and whose childhood playground was the Fox Theatre (where his family’s restaurant Angelos’ and Vinci’s was located within from 1972-1992) Charlie will always be a Fullertonian at heart. Not having set foot on the Fox stage in over a decade, Charlie returns for a nostalgic homecoming this Thursday, June 5, 2014. After numerous cross country film festivals and screenings, he will be presenting his independent film “Circle the Wagen” for viewing inside the historical theatre — the first movie to be shown since the last reel there in 1987.

The Fox Theatre was literally my 2nd home from 1980 to 1992, when my family had Angelo’s & Vinci’s INSIDE of it. It was a magical childhood running around, playing in that beautiful old vaudeville theatre. We’re very lucky as a community that it is still here. I’m hoping we’ll see it shining bright again soon.

Charlie anticipates the screening to be well-attended by the always supportive Fullerton community and to serve as a special reunion of friends and family from Angelo’s and Vinci’s.

The event starts with a vintage VW car show (everyone is invited to bring theirs) and a concession stand provided by Angelos’ & Vinci’s (naturally) at 5pm in the back parking lot. Future Firestone Court tenant Dripp Coffee Bar will also be on hand giving out complimentary samples. Theatre doors open at 7pm and the screening starts at 8pm. A Q & A follows with co-producer/co-writer/actor Pecoraro and fellow film makers co-producer/actor Dave Torstenson and co-writer/director Ryan Steven Green. Admission is only $5 (cash only) and free for children under 12.

About the Film


“Circle the Wagen” is a buddy/road-trip/docu- dramedy on the vintage Volkswagen subculture in America, that close-knit community for whom the joy of driving is the joy of living. It follows Dave, an idealistic adventurer and automotive ne`er-do-well, and his convivial co-pilot Charlie, on their journey down Route 66 in a `72 bus that Dave won on eBay for $787. Through endless backfires, blowouts, and break- downs, the heart of the vintage VW community is revealed as they attempt to save “The Croc” from the scrap heap and rally her beleaguered owner and his companion on to California.

Besides winning Best Documentary at the DFFLA and at the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, the film won the 2013 Dennis Hopper Guerrilla Award at the Albuquerque Film & Media Experience. The film can now be purchased on DVD online. In July, it will be available on streaming platforms such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. It will be available for purchase on DVD in stores in August.


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