Twenty-five years is a long time to be in business and testament to a quality product; excellent service; and creative marketing. Colette Coffman’s eponymous Colette’s Catering hits all three prongs with panache and élan.

What started from humble beginnings in 1992 — of a one-woman operation focused on cakes and small catering orders — would eventually flourish into a world-class events company in partnership with now co-owner Duane Greenleaf.

While Colette’s has the Muckenthaler Mansion as their “home base” for weddings and other large scale affairs, they recently collaborated with Beijos Events (beijos means kisses in Portugese) for a mid-week soiree held at the chic and intimate Cook’s Chapel in Anaheim. Industry folk and lifestyle bloggers were amongst those in attendance. In short, the beautiful people.

Although not in Fullerton, Cook’s Chapel is easily one of my favorite event spaces. The pristine marble bar with swags of crystal chandelier all but guarantees that any cocktail mixed in that enclave will be spectacular. The duo that was offered that evening, a Vanilla Pear Vodka and Maple Whiskey Old- Fashioned, did not disappoint. Both were warming and wonderful harbingers to the Autumn-inspired menu to follow.

In between polite sips, tray-passed hors-d’oeuvres made their rounds amongst the guests, including luscious lobster on a bed of forbidden rice; savory duck confit nestled in a nest of kataifi; and beer cheese chowder ladled into the cutest, thimble-sized pretzel bowls.

If those didn’t already whet our appetite, the appetizer course of Butternut Squash Pasta with caramelized squash and bacon definitely sealed our fate. The pasta was hearty and toothsome and the diced squash almost as sweet as persimmons. The beurre monte sauce, so heavenly.

I have to confess that after devouring the pasta dish, I was absolutely sated. Those seated around me echoed a similar refrain. But hey, Executive Chef Colleen Zielinski knows how to tantalize and we eagerly succumbed to her culinary wiles. After all, it’s not every day that one is invited to indulge in such gastronomical largesse. However, I did find myself shaking my head for not having had the foresight to wear stretchy pants.

First Course

We were presented with a Burrata Fig Salad that was so fresh, so clean. The vibrant colors of the edible flowers and varied textures from the slightly bitter oak lettuce; mildly sweet, fresh figs; and creamy burrata were all beautifully complementary.

Second Course

Thanksgiving came early for us with pan-roasted petite tenders sauced with a cranberry demi. Accompanied by a spiced sweet potato puree and shaved Brussels sprouts, all the holiday feels came rushing forth. We weren’t complaining that it wasn’t turkey as the protein because we’ll all have plenty of that soon enough.

Whenever a custom cut tomahawk is brought to the table it’s always a stunning showstopper. Even though they kind of remind me of The Flintstones, this particular course was the furthest thing from crude Stone Age fare. Aged cheddar polenta, pancetta, pickled apple slaw, bourbon jus, and sage provided an elegant balance to the gargantuan, briny chops.

A cauliflower course was also offered, but I seriously had to decline because I was ready to burst at the seams. The florets were roasted and tossed with brown butter, marcona almonds, a petite herb salad, and anchovy crumb. A wonderful vegetarian entree if you omit the anchovy.

Third Course

The crowning glory of the evening arrived in the form of a Pumpkin Whoopie Pie. A spiced cake sandwich that you can eat with your hands with its origins touted as a New England phenomenon and a Pennsylvania Amish tradition. With candied kumquats and curd, chocolate ganache, and fresh figs, this particular rendition veered away from children’s lunchbox treat to a dessert of more refinement.

Hungry yet? If you have a special holiday event coming up and want to be able to relax and celebrate with your guests, all you have to do is call one of the best.

Happy Anniversary, Colette’s! May you have many more years of delicious success!

Colette’s Catering & Events
1568 Kimberly Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92831

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