For most folks who don’t live around these parts, Anaheim has no purposeful identity other than being the city where Disneyland weaves its magic. That’s fine and dandy because while tourists romp around with ridiculous mouse ears atop their heads, Orange County locals now have their own playground.


The almost 100 year old Anaheim Citrus Packing House in the downtown was rescued from demolition by the City of Anaheim, who teamed up with Shaheen Sadeghi and his Lab Holding, LLC., to revive the historical space. This new community gathering pays homage to Orange County’s rich agricultural history and houses more than 20 hand-selected culinary artisans including: a fresh vegetable stand, juicery, chocolatier, sandwich maker, pizzeria, fish market and more.


The two-level warehouse was rehabilitated by Thirtieth Street Architects and features a saw-toothed roof lined with countless clerestory windows, whitewashed beams, maple floors, barn-style sliding doors, a redwood deck with Chinese elms and a carbon steel fireplace designed by landscape architect Ken Smith. Two circa-1940 railroad flatcars from an Anaheim scrap yard serve as a patio.


Touted as a culinary walkabout, wine, beer and cocktails also play an important part of the Packing House experience. A conditional-use permit has been granted for the entire building, so “you can buy a glass of beer or wine, get a table anywhere, and enjoy your drink with your meal,” according to Sadeghi.

Take a peek at more of the incredible transformation by clicking on the lookbook:

All photography by Brian Feinzimer at Feinzimer Photography

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