Ah, precious weekends. On Saturdays it’s pretty much a given that you’re going to be sleeping in after a week of drudgery. Sundays are a different story. What gets you all riled up and ready to bust out the door at a moment’s notice? Brunch.

Brunch is that nifty conglomerate meal of breakfast and lunch with the operative element of booze and… more booze. To ensure that you’re not the target of raised eyebrows from the soberistas, fruit or vegetable juices are politely mixed in for Mimosa or Bloody Mary concoctions. If you were binging all night, it’s the classic case of hair of the dog and if you weren’t out hitting the bottle, brunch is the best excuse for day drinking.


Of course, you’re also going to have to eat because the other dazzling part about brunch is hooking up with an unlimited buffet. You can go the cheap route for about $12 or splurge for a pricier spread of about $37. But if you’re looking for affordable with some really delicious AYCE to stuff your face, Lillie’s Q in Brea with their $24.99 Sunday Brunch — in the words of Goldilocks — is just right.

Bottomless mimosas? Check. Carving station? Check. Dessert bar? Check. Lots of variety, kid-friendly, and patio dining? Check, check and check. Award-winning barbecue? Double check!


Who doesn’t love Southern cooking? Chef/owner Charlie McKenna wants to make sure that you do. When you’ve had a long night, you tend to side step anything with Hollandaise or other cream sauces and head straight for the nitty gritty stuff. In this situation, that would be the carving station. Don’t overload yourself with too much protein, but do sample premium cuts of his roasted turkey, hot links and melt-in-your- mouth smoked brisket that have been slow cooked in custom-built smokers over peach wood and lump charcoal. Complement this trio with some of the tastiest chicken and potato salads this side of the mighty Mississip’. While you’re at it, give yourself a side of piquant, pickled veggies and grab a few of Lillie’s addictive pork cracklings for extra crunch.



For your second round, we recommend a bowlful of their fluffy, creamy grits with the hearty, deep-flavored Brunswick Stew ladled over it. Make it extra regional with sides of collard greens, grilled corn, biscuits & gravy and you’ll be well on your way to beating those hangover blues. For good measure toss in some skillet potatoes and house made bacon, too. Oh, lordy.image7

But don’t stop there. Lillie’s Q offers a made-to-order short menu of classic brunch items that arrive straight from the kitchen right to your table. You can nosh on omelets, scrambles, and breakfast burritos to your heart’s content. Make sure that you don’t skip out on the mini chicken and waffles — moist and crisp at the same time and drizzled with for real Vermont maple syrup. Great flavors that will definitely make this brunch something to hanker for until you come back the next time around.


If you’re a veteran in the realm of unlimited eats, then you know that elastic waistband pants are requisite attire. As a pro you’ve also paced yourself to ensure to that you have ample room for all the delectable desserts to cap off your feast. At Lillie’s Q their arsenal includes a chocolate fountain; their popular Nila wafer banana pudding; cobblers; build-your-own strawberry and/or peach shortcakes; and more!


Are you hungry yet? Well, you should be because there are so many tasty vittles that you could be balancing on your tray right now. Maybe not right now, but every Sunday from 10:00 am until 2 pm. Get on it and corral your crew, family, or otherwise. At $24.99 for adults and only $9.99 for children 3-10 years old, you’ll be ready to hibernate until the next weekend’s brunch.


240 S. Brea Blvd
Brea, CA 92821
(714) 482-2001

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