file_185021_0_Stefon-stefon-23811984-1366-768SNL’s fabulous character Stefon, the flamboyant club correspondent, just came out of retirement to gush about his newest night life discovery. But this time it’s no joke; it’s completely legit.

Orange County’s hottest club is: Fashionably Early Wednesdays at AnQi by Crustacean.

Description: Located in the Bloomie’s wing of the luxury emporium South Coast Plaza, AnQi by Crustacean is like a big, sexy ruby carved with all the trappings of Eastern allure. After you step through the threshold to this Asian fusion hot spot, you’ll be greeted by male and female super models who moonlight as hosts and hostesses. Don’t look for a bouncer – there isn’t one. You can check your thuggery in at the next city over.

AnQi’s new Fashionably Early Wednesdays club — sister to their killer beats Fashionably Late Fridays — answers the question, “Can I get home by Cinderella time?”

Yes, yes you can. FEW gets going at 6pm and winds down before midnight. This mid-week social takes hump day to a more sophisticated level. Downtempo DJs create “move to the groove” mixes where beautiful people can sashay and glide across the floor. That bump and grind business is a no-no here.


This place has everythingElegance, Elan and Energy. Beauty, Bravura and Brilliance. Glitz, Glamour, the Glitterati and…Golden Noodles.

Need something to make your mouth happy? AnQi has it all with a quickie meal, oodles of Noodle Bar that will get you in, gratified and out in a jiffy. Order their Filet Mignon Potstickers or An’s Famous Roasted Crab in their drop-it-like-you-mean-it main dining room. If you want to impress your high-profile clients, spring for the chef’s table in a private room where you can sneak a peek into the Secret Kitchen with the touch of a button.

But for Fashionably Early Wednesdays you won’t want to be hidden, you’ll want to see and be seen. People-watch in the seductive lounge padded with lots of red, plush pillows and fuchsia lit ornamental branches that cast filigree shadows onto the ceiling. Clink crafted cocktail glasses in the glowing bar area with a backdrop of frosted glass and display of top-shelf liquor.

Feast with your eyes on some of the sinfully marvelous things you can put inside of you from AnQi from a preview last week:



Grey Goose Pear, St. Germain, Muddled Asian Pear, Fresh Lemonade

The pear perfume of this cocktail is wow hypnotic. Mildly sweet, fruity, and bright. It conjures up images of a pristine lady dressed in a white, lace pinafore with a matching parasol in one hand and a Komodo Dragon on a leash in the other.


Yuzu-Kosho, Haas Avocado, Macadamia Nut, White Truffle, Black Tobiko Caviar

The perfect small bite. Luscious tuna smeared with the richness of avocado and truffle, its creamy elements countered with the crunch of the macadamia, caviar and blistered wonton. How can you resist just one? A dozen, please.



Plymouth Gin, St. Germain, Tyku Liqueur, Hand Pressed Cucumber & Lime

EurAsia comes in a mildly sweet and sour cocktail form. The soft botanical and citrus notes ring high with the melon liqueur delicately blended. Then the coolness of the cukes balances everything out to shame any ideas that you might have of ordering a Midori Sour.



Herradura Blanco Tequila, Hand Pressed Watermelon, Jalapeño & Rock Candy

My kind of summertime cooler. Spiking watermelon is made classier by turning it into a cocktail. That way you don’t have to lug around that huge watermelon filled with booze as you shimmy into the night.



Tumeric Fried Rice, Bilboa Chorizo, Manila Clams, Piquillo Pepper Fume, Quinzoi Liaison

When they say colossal prawns they really mean it. These babies were the size of my palm. Showcased in AnQi’s rendition of paella, this dish was blaring with the sweet aromas from the fruits of the sea.



Miso horny for this Misoyaki Butterfish. You pop this chunk whole into your mouth and just let it melt with all its umami flavors until you hit that foodgasmic climax. Like buttah.

Human fire hydrants? You know, it’s that thing when high-waisted midgets have like, the red pants and the big ass. Oh wait, AnQi doesn’t have that. That’s another club.

Fashionably Early Wednesdays
AnQi by Crustacean
333 So. Bristol St.
Costa Mesa

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