The NCAA’s March Madness and National Noodle Month is currently being celebrated as the portmanteau Noodle Madness at the renowned AnQi at South Coast Plaza. Created by Master Chef Helene An and Chef Tony Nguyen, five delicious and inventive noodle-inspired dishes are being showcased for a limited time only, now until April 6th.

Crazy about noodles? Indulge in five fabulous Asian noodle dishes available for lunch, dinner, at the AnQi Noodle Bar, and to go. Priced from $8 to $22, enjoy a variety from hot to cold, broth to salads.

“One of our first dishes to achieve international recognition was House of An’s garlic noodles,” stated Elizabeth An, CEO of the luxury hospitality group founded in 1971. “Wherever we go, people absolutely love them. Noodles are both Asian comfort and soul food and the variety and versatility is amazing. So we decided to have some fun with it this month and see where it leads.”


The five dishes featured through April 6 are:


Noodles made of zucchini. Melissa’s mushrooms, white wine, California extra virgin olive oil


Coconut and peanut vinaigrette


Wide Cantonese rice noodles, wok flamed natural beef, garlic soy 

Blonde miso, heirloom carrots, 63 degree egg

(not pictured)

Vietnamese thin egg noodles, organic chicken breast, bamboo shoot, shiitake mushroom, bok choy

Serving high-quality Vietnamese food, AnQi has become one of the most revered in the realm of Asian cuisine. Their  menu espouses the values of balance, freshness, and authenticity, vowing to revolutionise the palate of the everyday gastronome. Their stylish décor evokes an atmosphere of luxury and indulgence, making dining an unforgettable experience filled with sophistication and élan.


I’ve colored the AnQi dining experience Red.
Red is glamorous, magnetic and full of life.
Red is the unexpected and the delicious anticipation.
Red is bold. Red is daring.
Red is something naughty.
Red is that memory that makes you blush.
Red is falling in love. Not for the first time but all over again.
Red is vibrant and captivating. It’s oxygen that is bursting with life.
And, did you know that Red foods are nutritious and flavorful?
Red is strength in spirit and body.
Red is that Red Carpet Moment that is there for the taking.
Feel the AnQi Red.

– Elizabeth An

About AnQi

The highly successful culinary family, Chef Helene An and the An family, owns and operates AnQi Gourmet Bistro in Costa Mesa, a gourmet bistro and noodle bar serving up a mashup of California and Vietnamese cuisine. With many items made in their Secret Kitchen, open only to members of the family and select employees with long tenure in the family, recipes made by the An family utilize the “Yin and Yang of Cooking,” a philosophy that combines the healthiest of foods with an unwavering attention to exceptional taste.

AnQi is in South Coast Plaza (next to Bloomingdale’s)
3333 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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