I am alone. It’s a cool autumn day, and my gaze is captivated by the Euro cent that lies complacently in the palm of my hand. Unlike most, I am comfortable with being in the company of—me. It’s been three days in my most recent destination, two months in Europe overall, and I have reached my apex. I am sitting in an outdoor café that is within my arm’s reach of the Trevi Fountain. After rummaging through my pockets to collect the crumpled bills shoved carelessly within every crevice possible, I buy a pistachio gelato, as is my favorite, that I essentially inhale while the crowd around me most certainly watched in utter horror. Its flavor still surrounds my taste buds in a blanket of creamy love. I don’t want it to ever let go. However, all that now remains is an empty dish and this small surplus of change from my recent purchase. I slowly close my eyes, listen to the flowing water, feel the tiny token warm to the grip of my hand—and throw.

To this day, I have not stumbled upon another gelato place that has even come close to comparable when I think back to this memory, and, quite honestly, I never thought I would again unless I took the trek back to The Eternal City. That is until I took a trip to Gelato Paradiso in Newport Beach. Located in the indoor food court at Fashion Island, I must say authentic flavors were not something I was expecting, yet every ingredient in their store right down to their serving spoons are imported from Italy.



Offering everything from traditional flavors such as Bacio (dark chocolate and hazelnut) and Amarena Ciliegia (vanilla with black cherries) to scoops designed to please the American palate like Cookie Dough—Gelato Paradiso serves up a cool treat that will please the crowd from both sides of the pond. If you are feeling like receiving a double-dose of Italian flavors—order an Affogato (gelato topped with espresso) by choosing any flavor in their case to pair with the caffeinated delight. You won’t go wrong with their Dulce de Leche or Hazelnut and Chocolate here.

They also serve fresh sorbetto, which consists of nothing more than fruit, water, and sugar—on their honor. Boasting flavors like Limone, Mango, and Fragola (strawberry), you might want to think twice before you commit to that creamy selection you had your eyes on. To say the least, their cold case offering is overwhelming. If you can make a selection in less than three minutes, you have my respect that’s for sure.


I know what you are thinking. After you taste these amazing flavors, you must share this experience. You want to tell all of your friends and family, neigh—the world about your experience at Gelato Paradiso, but how? Luckily for you, they offer handcrafted gelato cakes of many shapes, colors, and customizations (whew, right?). Now everyone at your next event can see first handedly how worldly you are!


For me, I naturally gravitated to none other than their pistachio—as I felt I must. During that moment, I was in Rome—it was as if I never left. I heard the water. And, for a second, I swore that piece of copper still remained warm within my clenched hand.

Gelato Paradiso
Fashion Island Atrium
401 Newport Center Drive, Ste A102
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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