Ryan and I were growing weary of the nondescript, white-washed walls in our dining room and agreed on the drastic move of painting it over with a pattern. Thankfully, we are both fans of HGTV makeovers and have a fair sense of aesthetics between us. Visiting the swatch section of Lowe’s countless times, we finally agreed on a color called Juniper Breeze by Valspar. Because the original wall was a bit dingy in hue, we thought to freshen it up first with a coat of String of Pearls, also by Valspar.

Incidentally, we cannot say enough good things about Valspar. Their paint glides on smoothly with no streaking, dries quickly and  has low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Once our project progressed, we were pleasantly surprised to be finished in a couple of hours with barely noticeable fumes.


First we determined the dimensions that we wanted the links to be and measured from the center of the wall going out.

Then came the relationship challenging process of taping off and cutting the excess to create a chain link design of sorts.

We sealed all the tape edges with a small paintbrush using the String of Pearls to ensure that the Juniper Breeze wouldn’t bleed through when we roller-ed it on.

All the patience and detailing were well worth the time. We achieved very clean cut lines and the overall result was incredible!

Here’s how it looked for the Holidays. Notice the mirror image on the adjacent wall — measuring it was more painstakingly tedious than the original.

Try this at home!

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