Poke (pronounced poh-keh), translated variably as chopped or diced, is a raw-fish type salad that is to Hawaii what tacos might be to California. They’re everywhere on the island and seemingly casting their wide net popularity into our own locales.

Most recently there’s been a tidal wave of poke places that have shored up to Fullerton — all within a 1-mile radius! So, do we need one more? Yes, because it will only be a matter of time when only the best will float and the rest will flounder.


Oceanic puns aside, the newest and brightest entry into the foray is Fins Poke Fusion, located where the grimy Roadside Burgers used to languish. The structure has since been refurbished with a light and clean contemporary look and an addition of a spacious umbrella studded patio for easy, breezy dining.

As with most poke establishments, the standard M.O. here is to customize your bowl with a delectable array of toppings. You can load up on such items as wakame, masago, pickled ginger, and crusted cream cheese and sauces like the Molokai, Sesame Shoyu, and Citrus Wasabe, thereby rendering virtually endless combinations. For the indecisive or time-constrained, a menu board offers up eight pre-determined Fins Signature Bowls.


Prices for your creations range from $8 to $11.50 based on protein ounces, plus an extra buck if you want your hefty masterpiece ensconced in a tostada shell. Poke tacos are $3.50 each, $2.50 on Taco Tuesdays, and $1.50 in addition to a poke bowl. Kids 12 and under enjoy a $1.50 discount off per bowl. The Chork, the marriage of fork and chopstick, is the utensil of choice at Fins and is fast becoming a cherished take-home souvenir.


So how does Fins stand out from the poke hoi polloi?

  1. Even though poke means diced in Hawaiian, Fins’ selection of fish are significantly larger chunks compared to their competitors. You know what that means? While some places might be using inferior scraps, Fins guarantees premium cuts.finspokebowl
  2. Coke or Pepsi? Neither. Fins offers an upgraded option for your carbonated beverages. A Stubborn Soda machine dispenses bubbly, natural-flavored Izze Twixt citrus flavors and Stubborn craft sodas like Agave Vanilla Cream, Orange Hibiscus, and Lemon Berry Acai.Processed with Snapseed.
  3. The operative word here is fusion. Not only does Fins serve the traditional poke bowl, but they have tacos and tostadas as well. The fusion part of the name leaves the door wide open for more additions and modifications in the very near future.finspoketacos
  4. Would you like fries with that? Nope, but one thing that is built into the quick service restaurant that Fins is utilizing to great advantage is their drive-thru feature. To the best of my knowledge, they are the only eatery for as far as Mike Phelps can swim where you can get a super healthy option out of a window. The closest one is Amy’s in Rohnert Park, California, a good 450 miles away. Suffice to say, Fins Poke Fusion is making Orange County proud as a trailblazer in Southern California’s restaurant industry, and it started right here in Fullerton.finspokedrivethru

Now that sounds like the start of a good food revolution.

Fins Poke Fusion – Permanently Closed
513 N. Harbor Blvd.

Photos courtesy of Fins Poke Fusion

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