HopScotch Debuts First Seasonal Cocktail Menu: Spring Cocktails put emphasis on crisp, farm-fresh flavors

Hopscotch, Orange County’s premier destination for craft beer, small batch whiskey, and slow-cooked comfort food, is excited to introduce its first seasonal specialty cocktail menu.


Beginning on Wednesday, March 6, guests will be able to try any of the seven new cocktails created by Beverage Director, James Wood. “It’s spring, so I wanted to introduce lighter flavors,” said Wood, “This time of year we start seeing an influx of beautiful fruits and veggies at the farmers market, setting the tone for fresh and crisp flavors.”

Among Wood’s favorites from this seasonal menu is the “Hopped Basil Gimlet” which has a fresh, light flavor and features house-made “Hopped Simple Syrup,” basil, and lime with Right gin. “It’s the kind of drink you could enjoy all afternoon and not realize the day has gone by,” said Wood.  He also noted it’s a great drink for those who typically favor sweet beverages, but are looking to branch out.


Another new drink that will impress is “The Orchard,” which features a plum gin, Laird’s AppleJack whiskey, simple syrup, cinnamon syrup and orange bitters. “That might be my favorite, because of the complexity,” commented Wood, “if people take the time to sip on it, they will be rewarded with a multitude of layers and flavors.” Garnished with a dried apple slice, this drink is a bit of a departure from your typical spring cocktail. “Most would think of Apple as a flavor for fall or winter, after they’ve been harvested, but it takes center stage in this cocktail.”


Five other cocktails have been added to the spring menu, including the “Barrel Roll,” which features Old Tom Gin, an “’Improved’ Manhattan,” made with Overholt Rye and house-made Luxardo Maraschino liqueur, a “New York Sour” featuring Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon, “Gloom Chaser,” made with Wood’s latest development, cherry wood-smoked Gran Marnier, and “Corpse Reviver #2,” which includes Kubler Absinthe.

Harkening back to the era of craft cocktails and spirits, HopScotch creates all of its syrups and garnishes in-house, and all cocktails are crafted with the best, locally sourced ingredients and premium-sourced liquor. Home to Orange County’s largest selection of whiskey, HopScotch also carries a large variety of specialty Gin, craft beer, as well as select craft wine.

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