It may be difficult to believe that it has already been a year since the fatal beating of Kelly Thomas, but the road has been very long and arduous for his family. The fight has been endless for them in ensuring that the perpetrators who killed their son are expediently charged and put away. Throughout their ordeal, numerous friends and a multitude of supporters have eased some of the pain by taking on their cause. They have been with them at the protest rallies; at the City Council meetings; and at the Courthouse hearings. More importantly, they have been with them at Kelly’s Corner, a special place where they gather to find solace from all the madness.

Although it might not have been his designation in life, Thomas has come to be regarded as a martyr of sorts. Martyr in the sense that through his death, significant and positive changes were finally put into motion in Fullerton. A lamp post at the Transportation Center, near the site of the deadly confrontation, is Kelly Thomas’ shrine adorned with poems, letters, photos, flowers and balloons soaring to the heavens.


At the one-year memorial earlier tonight, Ron Thomas refrained from going into detail about that fateful night. Instead, under a siege of cameras and microphones, he spoke on behalf of the family thanking everyone — Kelly’s Army, the community and the media — for all that they’ve done and for helping to keep Thomas’ memory alive. He hoped that through the tragedy, the world might become more vigilant and never allow what happened to his son to happen to any human being ever again. The otherwise sombre evening, aglow with candlelight, was punctuated with jubilant cheers of “thank you Ron!” and “we love you Kelly!”

Tomorrow, the three day tribute to Kelly Thomas continues with the Art With An Agenda group exhibit at PÄS Gallery.

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