Every athlete has psych-up music. You know, those tracks they play on repeat right before game time that puts them in “the zone.” For me, this was especially important—I needed this emotional outlet. Every year was a different band, a different album, and a different line-up of “bang-your head” type of music.

During the summer of 1999, my beast-mode music was Lit. It was the only time that I was allowed to listen to music with adult language and sexually suggestive lyrics— that my parents knew of (sorry Mom and Dad). I remember sitting in the front seat of my Dad’s car screaming those words at the top of my lungs, thrashing my head around like I was mid-seizure, and my dad quietly sighing, “As long as she keeps her batting average up.” It was a great season for me—we were ranked 7th in the nation that year, I had over 20 home runs to my name, and we played 32 consecutive games undefeated. I have to thank Lit for the help.

Fast forward to when I went to college at CSUF. My favorite Thursday night hangout was The Slidebar. That place was, and still is, such a blast. They played all of my favorite music, and some of my fondest college memories were there. Now, who owns this amazing joint? Lit’s guitarist Jeremy Popoff does. Two for two in major life chapters Lit—not bad.


Now here I am, present day, and I get the call to visit Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Salon in Fullerton when I see that it is owned by none other than the show-stopping Lit front man, A.Jay Popoff. Hold up, I love my hair—it’s kind of my trademark if you will. I also love my career. There is no way that this band is going to enter my life for the third time because of my common interests. I brush it off as a coincidence. As soon as I enter this rocked-out salon A.Jay warmly greets me by exclaiming, “Wow, I love your hair! I was going to offer to color it, but it is so awesome that I don’t think I should change the vibe.” I almost send notepad flying in the air—three for three. These guys are tracing my steps or something.


Although I didn’t change my color, I did receive a soothing scalp massage, a revitalizing shampoo, a quick cut, and a glass of red wine. Hey, if they offer it to their guests, I’m opting in—duh. My stylist, Katie Rose, is quite a rose, for lack of better words. Greasy hair has plagued me my entire life. I’ve tried everything to rid myself of this curse: shampoo for oily hair, talcum powder, the “reverse psychology approach” (aka shampoo for dry hair), praying to the god of thunder—you name it. All I’ll say is this, when she said, “Don’t wash your hair nightly” and “dry shampoo” my eyebrows rose in skepticism, but my hair was oil-free the next morning thanks to their wonderful products.


To me, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is definitely my jam in more ways than one. They take pride in their work, they offer the finest products, their passion is overwhelming, the staff is beyond friendly, and anything I would say about A.Jay isn’t giving him the props he truly deserves as a musician and a business owner. I guess the only question I have left is, how is Lit getting their intel on me, and (hint, hint) my other interests include: cooking, writing, and traveling.

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Salon

229B E Commonwealth Ave
Fullerton, CA 92832

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