Disco was something of a cultural reset, a letdown and escape after a decade and a half of turmoil that started with the 1960s protests, wars, and assassinations. Then everything was questioned. In disco, which at its best induced a mindless trance, almost nothing was questioned. Come see what was happening in OC during the disco era.


The exhibition “Lay Down the Boogie: OC in the Disco Era” is a production of the Fullerton Museum Centern in concert with guest curator, author, and collector Jim Washburn. No stranger to FMC’s galleries, his other exhibitions have included “100 Worst Album Covers”, “The Orange Groove:The History of Orange County Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Rhinestones and Twangin’ Tones”, a tribute to country and western guitars and stage attire. In this exhibit, Washburn has drawn from numerous sources to shed light on the not-so-distant past of the 1970s and bring them to life through the musical soundtrack of the period, including but not limited to the disco music for which it is perhaps best known.

Photos below are from Opening Reception. Click here for Fullerton Museum membership info.


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