There are many who claim to love Fullerton, but Saturday, May 17th was certainly the day to prove it. By gathering together as a diverse, yet tight-knit community in the first ever city-wide day of service, a multitude of volunteers banded as one unified team to spruce up our beloved town.  Love Fullerton sign-ups came in at an overwhelming 2,000+  for projects such as mulching, painting, planting, cleaning, car wash and detailing, carpentry and the like.


While the majority of those in attendance fell within the labor strong age range of 25-45, there were many who were still in high school who came out to demonstrate their strong sense of neighborhood responsibility. Most heartwarming were the elementary and pre-school children getting involved in any manner that they were able. It served as a great reminder that they, and future generations like them, are whom we’re attempting to pave a better quality of life and city to live in. Naturally, they made for the best photo ops of the event.

Love Fullerton is a partnership of 20+ churches, city government, the Mayor and City Council, the Chief of Police, local businesses, service organizations, public and private education, and local residents all working together to enhance the world-class experience of living and working in our city.

The day began with opening festivities at 8 am, which included free breakfast for the volunteers. At 9am, a rally followed, led by Chief of Police Dan Hughes and main organizer Jay Williams, pastor at the EV Free Church. Mayor Doug Chaffee, Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva and Council Member Jan Flory came out in full support of the community effort.

Volunteers proudly showed off their Love Fullerton t-shirts. They then connected with their project leaders for final instructions and then headed off to their designations at 9:30 am.

Youngsters had a fun time at the Police Department where they were in charge of car wash and detailing.

Woodcrest Elementary School received some much needed clean-up.

Small groups from all walks of life performed selfless acts for the benefit of many.

Fullerton Joint Union High School was beautified with new plants.

At 1 pm, everyone gathered back together at Hillcrest Park in celebration of the successful event. They enjoyed entertainment and were treated to a complimentary lunch courtesy of Jack Franklyn of Heroes.

Love Fullerton

Love Fullerton began out of the success of Love Modesto which was launched in 2007 with two questions: Why is our city on lists of the “worst cities in America”? If our churches were to suddenly disappear from their location, would anyone even care or notice? Motivated by the honest answers to these questions, Love Modesto was born. Now there are over 50 cities participating and Fullerton is the first of what we hope will be many more in SoCal.

Love Fullerton serve day is fundamentally a catalyst for the other 364 days of the year. Under other Love Movements it hopes to connect people to ongoing and deeper levels of commitment and service. At these service days, volunteers engage in a variety of activities including food for the hungry, visiting senior centers, donating blood, building a house, and working in city parks and schools, among many other opportunities.

Love Fullerton partners with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, the City of Fullerton, local senior centers, Fullerton School District, Fullerton Collaborative, Coast to Coast, Red Cross, Fullerton ACT, F.I.M.A., Pathways of Hope and others.

To learn more about Love Fullerton, visit www.lovefullerton.org

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