LOVE. SEX. UNITY. RESPECT.  An Art Exhibit In Support Of Marriage Equality & Orange County’s LGBTQ Community.

When: Opening weekend May 3rd & 4th 2013, doors open 6pm both nights

Where: The Magoski Arts Colony, home to PÄS, Hibbleton, Violet Hour Galleries & The Dicky Jones Galleries.

Why:  We are putting Fullerton on the right side of history.  It’s our contribution to the  civil rights issue of our time. It is also Fullerton’s contrition for giving the world Senator John Briggs & the 60% of residents that voted for Prop 8. We are sending mass love to the LGBT community

Details: Over 80 artists submitting over 100 original works of art, each in a unique way celebrating love and/or the LGBT Community through the visual arts with a retail value of between $30,000 down to $100, will be in a silent auction to the public with 50% of the proceeds donated to OC AIDS Walk. The Other 50% will go to the artists. Organizers and Gallery Owners will not profit.

Contact: Organizer and Co-Curator: Stephan Baxter, 714/

Mission Statement:

Reaching Out To Those Who May Disagree With Us:  We do not only intend to preach to the choir, so I will be speaking at local churches during the month of may inviting them to come to our exhibit and so they do not assume the worst assure them that the art will celebrate OC LGBTQ community but that none of the art will shame anyone who voted for Proposition 8.  We want to elevate love and connect people to those things which they have in common and we are curating the show with my own family in mind. A very traditional and religious Catholic family who all voted for Prop 8. I love them all, but they are wrong on this issue and hope to change the minds of them and others like them with this exhibit.

AIDS Walk Team: In addition to the money raised through the sale of arte we  now have a team of over 30 artist and friends. My wife and I have participated in AIDS Walk for the last four years straight and we are returning to Disneyland and walking the park before it opens to the public the morning after grand opening. Disney characters will be out in force to support you us you walk. ASF have been kind enough to post and to promote our event on their website. That evening day 2 of our exhibit will be transformed into a AIDS Walk After Party and the close of our silent auction.  Please join our team at:

Here is a presskit that we at the Foundry made for the event. It is available for print, download and sharing.

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