Charlie Visnic is a man who cannot sit still. He is constantly doing something. This might be because:

A. He has an exceptional case of ADD.
B. He is thwarting his cigarette cravings.
C. He is a creative genius.
D. All of the above.

Back in March 2010, Charlie embarked on a Herculean journey of tackling one creative thing a day for 365 days. His entire year was filled with gadgets, musical compositions, macro videos, slit scans, modular patches, drawings & paintings, hacks and gigantic bubble making, to name a few. The culmination of his efforts went on exhibit at the Fullerton Art Walk held at the Violethour Studio where it was received with lavish praise and awe.

On the 366th day, Charlie rested.

It didn’t take long for him to get back in the groove of busying himself, but at a more relaxed pace with not having the constraints of being creative on a daily basis.

One of his more involved projects, which began in April 2011, was a music jam dubbed Morning Music and Coffee Consumption — or mm-cc for the sake of brevity. Inspired by his friend Jared‘s original idea, Charlie “invited friends over to hang out, drink coffee and make music” every first Sunday of the month, until the end of Summer. He then took excerpts of the eclectic recordings and edited them with mesmerizing visuals. Here are the videos from those sessions:

mm-cc 9.4.11:

jeff numainville – microkorg

michael goggin – guitar

charlie visnic – bass, modular

dantes rosete – music box

inthia seabrooks – music box

rene cardona – percussion, harmonica & monome

mm-cc 8.7.11:

larry salzman – percussion, kalimba

david marks – guitar, kalimba

ryan steele – vocals, drums

rene cardona – bass, omnichord

charlie visnic – modular, soundlab

joshua saddler – sooperlooper

mm-cc 7.3.11:

jonathan st. amant: bass, concertina

bob lexan: drums,

jeff numainville: lapsteel

joshua saddler: monome

charlie visnic: modular synthesizer, monome, & visual production

mm-cc 6.5.11:

reuben mahler – guitar, soundlab

jeff numainville – banjo

mike goggin – guitar, bass

bob lexan – drums

charlie visnic – monome, modular

mm-cc 4.17.11:

wendy kubiak – banjo-tar

jeff numainville – banjo-tar, guitar

brandon floerke – accordian, guitar

charlie visnic – monome

larry salzman – jaw harp, world percussion, drums

danny johns – upright bass

steve elkins – drums, soundlab

reuban mahler – circuit bent toy


Fullerton resident, Charlie Visnic is an editor for the motion picture industry by profession. Find out more about him and all of his incredible projects at his blog,

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