Everyone loves a good bargain and one man’s discards are another person’s treasure. Wrap that up in a tres chic French bow and you have the very charming Le Potager‘s 5th Annual Paris Flea Market. The multi-tented event was teeming with vintage clothing, housewares, myriad antique knick knacks, curios and sundry odds and ends. But of course, there were also the aforementioned serendipitous finds and diamonds in the rough just waiting for someone with a good eye to snag them up. Ourselves, we couldn’t resist the Rogers silver plated ladle and vintage silver plated tea pot warmer.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the crowd was comprised of those in the financially responsible and stable income strata. To lure in the younger and more Earth conscionable demographic, Fullerton-based Fettle Vegan held court with a bake sale to benefit the OC Pit Bull Rescue. Vegans and omnivores alike couldn’t get enough of their Lavender Scones, Banana Oatmeal Cookies, Raspberry Muffins and other goodies. Those who needed to maintain their meat levels were treated to tasty tacos, Sonora dogs, and burritos by the very generous Los Hermanos. Throughout the day, airy music from French recording artists provided for the mood of the market.

To keep abreast of future events and to learn more about Le Potager, visit them at www.lepotagerdecor.com


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