Curated by Allison Town and Emily D. A. Tyler, Ego | Eco: Environmental Art for Collective Consciousness will include the work of emergent artists as well as pioneers in the field of environmental art and disciplines spanning graphic design, mixed media installation, painting, photography, sculpture, and video art. The collaborative exhibit features artists Vaughn Bell, Terry Berlier, Jim Cokas, Jacci Den Hartog, Nicole Dextras, Fallen Fruit, Helen and Newton Harrison, Chris Jordan, Alison Moritsugu, Robert and Shana Parke Harrison, Dmitri Siegel and Edward Morris, Esther Traugot and Andre Woodward.

Disconnect between real actions and real-time becomes increasingly evident in our fast-paced, technologically saturated urban environments. Selected artworks in Ego | Eco: Environmental Art for Collective Consciousness aim to confront traditional notions of “spectatorship,” promoting involvement over complacency through environmental art conveying a collective call to action. Juxtapositions of mediums, content, scale, forced perspectives and changes in cadence and flow will encourage viewers to become both physically and psychologically aware of their own roles as “spectators”—symbolic of a greater need for action and social reform in the pursuit of sustainability.

We hope that viewers will be empowered to renegotiate their own ego (self) and eco (environmental) partnerships in and beyond their individual lives through sustainable practices, community involvement and strength of collective consciousness.

In addition to the gallery display is an artist-in-residence collaboration between visiting Canadian artist, Nicole Dextras, and the acclaimed Fullerton Arboretum (located on the CSU Fullerton campus). This residency, based on principles of public engagement, will produce installation art, performance interventions and educational programming open to both campus and community participation.

Dextras - Mobile Gardens Dress

“Dextras Mobile Gardens Dress.jpg” 
Nicole Dextras, Mobile Garden Dress, 2011 from the Urban Forager Dress {house of eco-drifters} series

This garment is 100% compostable and recyclable. It is constructed from natural materials such as Willow, basketry reed, grasses and leaves. The hoop skirt is covered in pots containing live edible plants such as herbs and vegetables. It is both a sculpture and a wearable garment. The dress can also be used as a temporary shelter, it covers the basic needs of the new urban nomad.

Dextras - Little Green Dress

“Dextras – Little Green Dress.jpg”
Nicole Dextras, Little Green Dress series, 2012 – Ongoing

This ongoing series of dresses blends the notion of the classic “little black dress” with environmental stewardship in the fashion industry. Every piece is 100% compostable and recyclable.  Up to six of these Little Green Dresses will sprout up in locations at the Fullerton Arboretum during the month of September.

One of the dresses in the series will be completed at CSUF and on display in the gallery. Be sure to attend the exhibition’s opening reception to see these dresses in action! Opening Reception takes place on Saturday, August, 31 2013, 5 – 8 pm at the Begovich Gallery within Cal State Fullerton. Special programming activities and public art installations at the Fullerton Arboretum will be scheduled in conjunction with this exhibit. Please visit the Begovich Gallery website for more information and updates or the exhibit website  www.egoeco.org.

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