On Tuesday, April 1st from 4pm several local bands will play live at Max Bloom’s Cafe Noir in support of B is Bridgie‘s release of their record “500 Words.”

B is Bridgie is gathering up all its  resources to make some noise. B is Bridgie create songs with a friendly upbeat sound that screams the 90s. It makes sense being that one of the members is Jonathan Caro, ex-member of Stairwell/Bloodshed, and the other is Kimberly Caro in her debut performance. This duo seeks to establish themselves as an active record-making and live act entity and is happy with whatever level that may be. Whether it will be a show just for the staff at a coffee shop or at a sold out crowd at a live theater, B is Bridgie will go with the flow.

Having been a band since 2007 but recently started doing shows September 2013, B is Bridgie chose to focus on Fullerton shows because it is the best spot in Orange County with so many options and open doors for musicians. From bars, craft shows, coffee houses, even stores such as Roadkill have huge hearts for bands to play.

B is Bridgie:



The opening act is a band called Kings. On February 14th Kings released their new single “California Sun” recorded with producer Jon O’Brien. Although busy playing shows throughout Southern California, the band consistently challenges themselves to create fresh and inspiring music at their home base in Orange County. Despite coming from different backgrounds, Jeremy (Vocals/Guitar), Josh (Bass), Magdiel (Drums) and Micheal (Guitar) immediately found common creative ground and played their first show just only a year ago. Since then they have been on a mission to create music that will not only capture but hold your attention and your hearts. Kings’ most recent project is a live video recording of their song “In My Dreams” performed at The Music Box Studio with Jon O’Brien. The song evokes a large arena feel, yet the vocals hold the listener in an intimate and endearing space. “It’s that vibe that makes the song beautiful rather than epic,” says Producer O’Brien.

Kings: https://www.facebook.com/kingstheband

The second ultimate attraction about this party is Catching Sound Media. It is run by Honorious Gulmatico who is a Californian native but is based in Seattle, Washington. Catching Sound is Honorius Gulmatico, born in the southwest, ping-ponged to the upper midwest and then somehow landed in the northwest. Catching Sound Media came to be when recognizing the live streaming potential of community building via utilizing the conglomeration of personal creative competencies. Strengths built up via past experiences in the worlds of venue management, artist promotion, audio engineering, and software development. But really? All Catching Sound is really trying to do is bring your musician child back home to you, even if it’s just for one night via the web.

Catching Sound Media: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Catching-Sound-Media/225453417578283?ref=br_tf

Co-head liners are a new group called The Super Venus Fly Trap. Evonne Tan Marvin puts on an acoustic set that doesn’t stop there, she has back up singers/dancers that dress in the cutest of attire! They (Evonne Tan Marvin, Nikki Marvin and Claire Pedroza) are also in the swing dance group called The Atomic Cherry Bombs. The Super Venus Fly Trap recently played 4 back to back shows recently at Risque Rhythm’s Va Va Voom Burlesque Show at Archway Theatre in LA.

Super Venus Fly Trap: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Super-Venus-Fly-Trap/518454898271726














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