We’d like to preface our article by stating that unlike other Fullerton blogs/news sites out there, we at Fullerton Foundry are not bound by journalistic tenets of neutralism. Hence, we will veer from the Center from time to time in fostering what we personally feel is good for the community. That lean could vary as moderately as the Tower of Pisa or as drastically as the tank of the Titanic.

In this instance, we are in full support of the Recall Election and whole-heartedly promote Jane Rands, Matt Rowe and Glenn Georgieff in their run for the seats of the incumbents Don Bankhead, Pat McKinley and Dick Jones, respectively, for their failure to lead; non-transparency; and unyielding apathy in respect to the deathly beating of Kelly Thomas, a schizophrenic homeless man.

What do you get when you combine 3 Recall Election candidates, 80 civic-minded residents, 4 tabletops stacked with bottles of wine, beer, liquor and trays of appetizers into 1 single-family residence? You get a very expressive, volatile political forum and one hell of a Fullerton Lovefest.

What transpired and triumphed a few weeks ago at the private home of human rights activist Stephan Baxter and his wife Noele was the first of its kind, as far as we’re concerned. Opening their doors to a cadre of cohorts and colleagues — all from varying demographics and including local media — their living area and other open spaces were converted into a Q and A/Meet and Greet/contemporary town hall meeting.  No, guests weren’t asked to pay $1,000 per plate to meet the candidates. No, the Baxters don’t head a development corporation or special interest group. No, they have nothing to outwardly gain from hosting such a gathering.

Was it just another reason to throw a fabulous party? Yes, but more importantly it was a manifestation of their devotion to the town we live in. The Baxters are patrons of the arts who utilize their resources to support significant causes. Intrinsically, the event itself was a call to arms to pave the way for a better and more accountable Fullerton. Baxter cited the many times that he’s moved in and out of our city, only to keep coming back. He quipped, “And I’ve lived in some pretty cool places.”

All vying for separate seats, Jane Rands, Matt Rowe and Glenn Georgieff were all gracious enough to attend the casual convocation. Loosely moderated by Baxter and peppered with off-color sidebars, discussions entailed addressing critical issues with the three Recall election candidates. Personally invited by the Baxters, they were not previously associated, but hopes were high that they might form a solid coalition.


“These three candidates have not endorsed each other and are today are not aligned in any way.   They will not agree on everything and I do not agree with them on everything, but for our convenience they each were willing to accept this invitation to speak to us at the same gathering.

My hope, however, is that their supporters, and they themselves, might find enough common ground, that they consider taking advantage of the unique circumstance offered by this recall election.   Mainly, that they consider pooling their resources and core support since they are not competing against each other. Unlike some others, they do not have unlimited self funding, or a political machine behind them. But together they can change the dynamic of this race, like no other local political election before it.   In my opinion, individual success is possible and perhaps likely, but together it is almost assured.”

The salient topics outlined by Baxter were:

  • The Kelly Thomas murder:  What would they have done differently compared to the man they are running against, and what do they plan to do in the future to protect the citizens of Fullerton from the Police.
  • What are their plans for Coyote Hills?
  • Because The Fullerton Art Walk, in my opinion, provided Fullerton with the life support it needed during the aftermath of Kelly’s death, and because it remains one of the most popular and positive Fullerton events, I would like the candidates to address what role city government can or should play in helping to promote more positive art, music and culturally relative events.
It’s safe to say that most of the attendees were more enlightened than before regarding the recall and gained a better sense of each of the candidates’ platforms. Although all three came off as very well-informed, qualified and sincere in their stance, each stood out just a little more than the others on each point. Unfortunately there were no transcriptions available of the extraordinary evening, but in a very tiny nutshell, here is what we were able to glean.
Glenn Georgieff is an IT Specialist and former President of The Board of Trustees at the Fullerton Public Library and is vying for the seat of Dick Jones. Georgieff, while not as visible as Rands and Rowe during the Kelly Thomas protests, still maintains his outrage regarding the tragedy. He is a staunch advocate for the Endowment of the Arts with a heavy emphasis on music appreciation. You can find more information on him at www.glenngeorgieff.com.

Jane Rands is a systems engineer and is vying for Don Bankhead’s seat. Rands is the chair of the city’s Bicycle Users Subcommittee and is an environmentalist fighting for the preservation of Coyote Hills. She has had previous experience vying for public office and is the most informed about internal matters and protocol. You can find more information on her at www.janerands.com and view her official candidate’s statement here.

Matt Rowe is an aerospace project manager and is vying for Pat McKinley’s seat. Rowe, having served the military in Iraq with a platoon of three dozen soldiers under his command, already possesses great leadership qualities. He is the most impassioned regarding the heinous death of Kelly Thomas, as well as a vehement voice in improving infrastructure in the city.  You can find more information on Rowe at www.rowe4fullerton.com and view his official candidate’s statement here.

Do you love Fullerton? If the aswer is yes. Then get informed and fight for her.

The Recall itself coincides with the Fullerton City Council Primary this Tuesday, June 5. We hear that this election will not be well-attended, so if you’re a registered voter in the city, find your polling place and have your voice heard by voting yes on the recall and elect Jane Rands, Matthew Rowe and Glenn Georgieff to City Council.

For those still out of the loop regarding the Recall Election, you can find out more information here.

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