It would be adulterous to break away from the bosom of our Fullerton community, but having heard so much about historic Downtown Santa Ana’s ongoing developments we finally had to check it out. The revitalization of this particular area was conceived in 2007 in conjunction with the city’s Renaissance Specific Project and has been steadily gaining great legs along the way. So much so that it has become an eclectic, hipster mecca for art and dining patrons alike.

Whilst ambling about Santa Ana’s Art District, we popped into the Spanish Baroque Revival-inspired Santora Building (which houses a coterie of artist studios), the vibrant Memphis, the mystic Lola Gaspar, the eco-friendly Road Less Traveled/Belly Sprout Store; passed the renovated Yost Theater; and finally eased into the much-ballyhooed The Playground for some simple, yet luxurious grub and pints.

All in all, it was a very exhilarating afternoon. So yes, SanTana, as much as we love Fullerton we will be visiting your allure again in the near future.


Corky Nepomuceno

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