Welcome to the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk, where local art galleries and downtown venues host the monthly First Friday Art Walk starting at 6pm. The incredibly popular Art Walk brings hundreds of art enthusiasts to the streets of downtown Fullerton, where various venues host art exhibits, music acts, and performance art. There are over thirty venues offering free art activities and exhibition openings within walking distance of each other. You can find a map at any venue for a self-guided tour. Free refreshments are also provided throughout the evening at many of the stops.

Below you’ll find some of the featured exhibits for the month of September. Happy Art Walking!

The Fullerton Art Walk has an updated map! Click it to enlarge.

Violethour Studio presents  “Paint It Black”:

Resident artists Valerie Lewis, Patrick Nguyen, Tess Is and EE Jacks join Steven Sullivan in another incredible group exhibit.

“the truth of Vanity” thought Poor Adam “lie [sic] in the taste of Eve”

Hibbleton Gallery presents “Partners in Crime”:

Witness the collaboration of the following artists:

Celene and Pamela Jaeger!
Cody Lusby and Noel Paris!
Ron Pete and Tommii Limm!
Eunice San Miguel and Julie Yeo!
Elliot Brown and Virginia Giordano!
Kristi Bockrath and Kelly Bockrath!
Rask Opticon and AR Ink Bombers!
Teodor M. Dumitresco and Toni Tracy!
Lindsay Buchman and Mike Schmidt!


J. Everette Perry!

PÄS Gallery presents “The Sophie Show!”:

You know her face from Channel101.com’s “Everything”, you know her stories as an LA-based freelance writer, now come see another one of her colors in a display of portraits and abstract illustrations.

Bookmachine presents “Freedom and Disarray”:

Ardashes (Dash) Najarian has been drawing for as long as he can remember. Inspired by anime, music, and life experiences, Dash’s manga-style art (depicting heroes, creatures, and monsters) acts as a bridge between cartoons and the world of reality.

JAMs presents “I’m a Little Tied Up Right Now”:

“I’m a little tied up right now” is a photography exhibit by creative photographer Tara Ziemba. Tara’s love for art, music & photography gets her inspired and excited about making these powerful images.

It’s some girl power in the raw!

Studio EMP presents The Photography of Christopher DeCaro:

The September art show at Studio EMP for the Fullerton Art Walk is a cool group of photographs by Christopher DeCaro showing the light and shapes in Downtown Fullerton (mainly).

Otto presents “Friday on My Mind”:

Just when you suspected you were moving through a routine sequence every day of every week, Matt Simon brings forth a series of paintings that confirm and validate those suspicions.
He’s captured and charted his days, including moods and data and encapsulated each on hand-made canvases.

NoCo Studio presents:

Labeled Society is a graphic timeline of the life of a human being from birth to death. It is the story of some intangible yet undeniable part of humanity that begins its slow decay even in the brightness and rawness of birth. It is the dark and insidious entanglement of blindness that promises, even in death, we will be buried in its shadow: confusion, endless barcodes, and empty consumerism. Labeled Society is a startling depiction of the depth of the connection between the products that surround us and the human “products” we have become.

Roadkill Ranch presents The Art of Patrick McGilligan:

Stop by and see the amazing and bright colored Warhol-inspired works of Patrick McGilligan and listen to live music by resident musician Guy Nelson.

Carpe Diem and Artology present The Art of James Estrada:

Explore James Estrada’s “recollective” style of painting. His collection of vibrantly expressive canvases express the limitless in the universe. The collection will be open through the month of September. See more of his work at www.jamesestrada.com

Art from Resident artists Sarah Carter & Phaedra Dahl will also be on display, last chance to see the Queens of the Congo & the memory boxes!

Food available by Matador: $1.50 gourmet tacos & sangria!


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