Whilst trolling the obligatory social media sites, often we find ourselves slowly, but surely sinking into the quicksand of banality. That is, until we’re jolted from our glazed over stupor by something completely sweet and wonderful on our newsfeed. In this particular instance: Stella’s Picnic Party!

Who is Stella, you might ask? Well, it just so happens that she is one of the prettiest babies around these parts. Gaze into her big, stunning blue orbs and you’ll surely melt. The people who made her, Josh and Monica Johnson of JAMS and All Star Photo Booth, yeah, they’re pretty awesome themselves. So awesome in fact, that the celebration they put together for Stella’s first birthday ranks as one of the most creative that we’ve ever seen.

Obviously, an occasion as special as Stella’s Picnic Party wasn’t conceived overnight. Since Josh and Monica are photographers by profession, they put as much thought — if not, more — into the event as setting up a major location shoot. Definitely a stickler, Monica made sure that every little detail was picture perfect to the point of obsession. And you will see that there were details aplenty!


Under a banner that spelled out FOOD, a vintage buffet table stacked with orchard baskets, picnic baskets and over-sized bowls (all courtesy of {found}) served up picnic fare that was package styled in the most delightful way possible. Chevron wooden tasting spoons from the Etsy Sucre Shop accompanied potato and caprese salads in half-pint mason jars. Gourmet deli sandwiches wrapped in paper food wraps and tied with baker’s twine were piled along with the kid-friendly PB & J variety. Kettle chips, pretzels and animal cookies were tucked into pretty polka dot paper food bags and sealed with round labels printed with the “Stella’s Picnic Party” logo. Fresh apples and oranges beamed with freshness, lending more natural elements to the spread.

On the TREATS table there were sugar cookies resembling watermelon slices; cupcakes decorated in rainbow frosting; mini blueberry pies baked in rustic fashion; and apothecary jars and a carpenter’s wooden toolbox brimming with other confections. Brightly colored stacked metal pails were provided for toting all the goodies.

When guests arrived, they were invited to pack their delicious lunch and proceed to the back area where soft, heirloom-like quilts (also, from {found}) were splayed out for picnic enjoyment and market umbrellas lined the yard for shade. There, an area with tethered balloons was designated for GAMES with a crate filled with badminton racquets, lawn darts, bouncy balls and sidewalk chalk for all to enjoy good, old-fashioned outdoor activities.

Throughout the party, everyone was encouraged to create fun memories inside the photo booth. Containers of bubbles, kazoos and slinkies were given out as additional take home mementos.

We can’t even begin to imagine all the prep work that went into putting together Stella’s Picnic Party, but clearly it was a labor of love. Although Monica is a major Pinterest fan herself, she deliberately avoided looking at boards to ensure that their theme felt fresh and charmingly unique. Glean myriad inspirational ideas from all the adorable photos for your future gatherings like we did and Happy Pinning!

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