When I first read about Matador Cantina launching a 3-course Sunset Dinner for only $12, I had to do a double — no, triple take. Then when I went to look for the email again, it was nowhere to be found. Did I dream it? After confirming with PR & Marketing lead Rob Hallstrom that I wasn’t losing my mind, I set out to uncover what this special meal was all about.

Affordably priced, the Sunset Dinner is a great way to enjoy the wonderful SoCal weather and partake in an incredible three-course meal presented by Chef David Dennis.

First off, the Sunset Dinner is only available from Sunday-Thursday. Plus, it’s exclusively during the hours of 4pm to 6pm. Guess what? That’s Matador’s Happy Hour time. Win and win. You betcha we ordered up $5 margaritas to imbibe along with our ridiculously inexpensive 3-course prix fixe supper.

Pro Tip:

Always come with someone else so that you can both share and enjoy an essentially 6-course dinner. That’s what we did.

Although Chef Dave explained that the portions are smaller than if you ordered these items individually, there was virtually no difference IMHO. Either chef is crazy or is simply generous. I say both. Behold!

First Courses

Cantina Rolls

Matador’s signature appetizer. Crisp and warm Southwestern egg rolls  served with a sweet citrus sauce and an addictive chipotle ranch.

Albondigas Soup

Classic Latin soup made with tender meatballs and vegetables. Deep flavors that taste like the soup was simmered long and low. A great first course choice for an overcast day.

Second Courses

Chorizo Ravioli

Matador’s superstar entree. Plump ravioli stuffed with spicy chorizo and Cotija cheese and blanketed with a chipotle cream sauce that is to die for. So elegant and delicate, but robust at the same time.

Arroz con Pollo

I’m a sucker for plantains and this citrus marinated chicken with cilantro lime rice and a green sauce is my personal favorite. It’s a wonderful balance of sweet, savory, and piquant.

Third Course


The marriage of the Cro-nut and churros. Light, flaky, and laden with cinnamon sugar with a large scoop of helado on the side. The perfect ending to this 3-course meal, if you can handle it. 

Pumpkin Bread

Apparently, even though this is a seasonal dessert, hordes of patrons have demanded that the Pumpkin Bread stay on the menu or they will threaten a riot. Moist, dense, and lightly spiced, calabasa reigns sweet in their hearts. 

Matador Cantina has several weekly discounts as their mainstays. If any of these promos below apply to you, I would suggest that your Sunset Dinner revolve around one of them so you can continue the fiesta on through the night. Best seating area for your party? Their patio, of course!


Matador Cantina
111 N. Harbor Blvd.
(714) 871-8226

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